Back-stabbing the common man!

One of the first appeals of Prime Minister Modi to the people of India after introducing demonitization process is to bear the temporary pain for a major gain! While the definition of “temporary pain” was shifted several times over the course, which now stands at 6 months wait or more, one thing remains true: common women and men are put under tremendous stress and pain to access their own money in lieu of a promise of a better future.

Heart-wrenching stories of poor and elderly losing their lives in bank queues has deeply moved lot of people that those who were strongly in favor earlier are also changing their minds and questioning whether implementation was thought-through at all and if there were any better alternatives that were not considered. However, it is too late for such logical analysis with people suffering for 40 days already with no end at sight.


Worst of all is the latest announcement by finance ministry that “Political parties depositing old notes are exempt from tax”. While Tax exemption on donations to parties is an existing process, allowing parties to deposit old notes without any scrutiny is alarming and raises several ethical and moral questions.  Will this give oppurtunity to black money holders to strike a deal with a political party to convert their black money to white, given almost all major parties, with the exception of Aam Aadmi Party, don’t declare three-fourth of their donation sources under the premise that those donations are less than twenty thousand rupees?

Moreover during such difficult times, when the Prime Minister is asking every citizen including poor, elderly and children to sacrifice, including their livelihood and daily meals,  shouldn’t political parties also sacrifice something? At the very least, will the political parties promise full transparency by declaring all sources of income and not get a blank check to exchange all old notes to new by default? Otherwise it is nothing short of back-stabbing the common people!


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