Delhi’s Odd-Even model: asking the wrong question!

There a lot of debate on whether odd-even formula will work in Delhi but unfortunately, most of them are missing the main point: how did we let the pollution level so severe and what else we can do to reduce it in war-footing!

This NYTimes article hits the nail:  “The World Health Organization said last year that New Delhi had the most polluted air of the nearly 1,600 cities it studied around the world. A monitoring station at the United States Embassy here recently recorded an air quality index of 372, according to Reuters, meaning the air was “hazardous,” the worst category. By late Friday, the reading had improved a bit, to 247, which the embassy classifies as “very unhealthy”. An international study released earlier in June, indicated that Air pollution from respirable particulate matter (PM2.5) could be responsible for 10,000 to 30,000 premature deaths in Delhi — up to 80 deaths each day.

If this doesn’t alarm the car-owning class of Delhi and the argument is still about commute inconvenience, something is seriously wrong with us. Below is a pictorial representation of what we can achieve by forgoing current one-car-per-individual model.


Let us make an honest attempt to reduce ‘severe’ pollution levels in Delhi instead of trying to find cheat codes or shortcuts to avoid the rule. Let’s remember: health of future generations, including your children and mine, is dependent on things we do today!


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