Hypocrisy, thy name is BJP?

From Prime minister to bureaucrats of Ministry of external affairs, BJP party bigwigs to ‘Internet Hindu’ warriors (atleast most) are going gaga over Bangladesh land swap deal. However, most are conveniently forgetting, or hoping others would, that they were claiming to oppose this same bill tooth and nail before elections. Unfortunate for them, Internet never forgets! Here are some of their rhetoric tweets against the land agreement bill in 2013-14! Now, if this agreement is being hailed as an historic agreement, then BJP should answer some simple questions:
1. What are the key differences in agreement that then-UPA govt introduced & what was signed now?
2. If they are same, why did BJP oppose it then and supporting now? Is it just an election stunt?
3. Why didn’t BJP play role of a constructive opposition and get this agreement done in 2013 itself when first introduced by UPA?

Don’t know if we will ever hear an response. Any case, here are those tweets!

First our honorable Foreign Minister herself:

In her own words:

Biting UPA for doing similar agreement:

She even assured people of WB & Assam that she wouldn’t let this happen:

Sushma ji has lot of explaining to do!

Next is Ram Madhav, National General Secretary, BJP & RSS big-wig:

But sadly for Ram Madhav, PM heard it wrong & did just the opposite, i.e., to give $2 Billion new credit to Bangladesh.

Finally, the number-2 man from NDA govt, then opposition leader of Rajya Sabha and the current finance minister Arun Jaitley:

Img_220 07-Jun-15

He even wrote an article explaining his / his party’s opposition to the bill but where is that article now? It is missing! Ofcourse!!  below is the link given in his tweet: 

Img_221 07-Jun-15


Funny things is, PM claims “history has been made” by signing this agreement. So, who is correct and who is wrong? Or was BJP just playing politics in our foreign policy before? what a Shame!

I am personally happy about resolving this land dispute with neighbor and maintaining peaceful and friendly relations with, not just Bangladesh but, all our neighbors. This piece is not against the agreement (in fact I welcome it) but to expose the hypocrisy of BJP and to show how 8/10 policies of UPA & NDA are exactly same. Only their rhetoric is different! I am sure UPA would have done exactly the same!

Hope, India will soon reach an era where government & opposition work together in addressing nation’s important priorities, both domestic & external, than doing such petty /vengeful politics!


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