Using R-word(Retard): Political insult or utter insensitivity?

The word ‘AAPtard’, meaning ‘AAP+Retards’, coined by none other than great Su Swamy and his supporters, is supposed to mean that all AAP supporters are mentally retarded or worse, stupid. Swamy is not the one to think about being sensitive to any community or group, much less to special-needs children, so I didn’t expect him to know why this word is offensive. However, one can see the term being increasingly used by other BJP and Congress leaders and their supporters, so it becomes essential to point out to them why the use of the term ‘retard’ as insult is WRONG and insensitive to people with Autism and other intellectual disabilities and their families!, a campaign supported by Special Olympics and over 200 other organizations from around the world to fight against this prejudice, explains the reason :     “The word “retarded” derives from the term “mental retardation.” Years ago, that was a clinical diagnosis used to describe people with intellectual disability. But words evolve and change meaning, as words tend to do, and the words “retard” and “retarded” have evolved into insults. In 2010, Congress itself replaced “mental retardation” and “mentally retarded” in federal health, education and labor laws with the term “intellectual disability.” The word “retarded” has morphed into a slur—why many people are shunning the word.”

It adds: “Why does it hurt? The R-word hurts because it is exclusive. It’s offensive. It’s derogatory.”

Simply put, R-Word is being used as a synonym for stupid. And loved ones of people with disabilities do not want them associated with the word ‘stupid.” For those who easily brush this off as nothing, have some heart: If a parent tells you that a word is painful, if people with intellectual disability say the word is hurtful, is it so hard to quit using the word?

Still don’t get it?  Read more here:

There are many ways to hurt political opponents and BJP supporters & others will have plenty of oppurtunity to insult the opponents but shall we leave people with intellectual disability out of this game, please?

Finally, take a pledge today at to eliminate the demeaning:


Another great video on this topic:  “Would You Call My Child A Retard?


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