Baba Ramdev to ‘Black Money’ Ramdev

We always know that recovering Black Money plank by BJP & its cronies like Baba Ramdev is just a show and nothing serious. But it is really something to see it with our own eyes.

DNA writes:  “Moments before BJP Alwar candidate Mahent Chandnath’s press conference could start, in front of a bunch of cameras and microphones, Chandnath mentioned to Baba Ramdev that “paise le aane mein badi dikat ho rahi hai”(Facing problems bringing money here) and almost immediately, Baba Ramdev shut him up saying, “yahan baat karna bandh karo, bhole ho kya? (Stop talking here; are you a fool?) “

Actually, what is missed here is that Chandnath clearly starts to say “can you help…”, so it is to be noted that BJP candidates themselves are approaching Ramdev to act as conduit to bring black money into the campaign.  Wah, Wah Ramdev!




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