International media on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation!

Here is collection of some of the tweets by well known international journalists / media.


Ellen Barry –  

South Asia bureau chief for The New York Times


Robert MacMillan – 

Reuters India


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13 Responses to International media on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation!

  1. Putul Guha says:

    Kejriwal is in too much hurry…he shd hv sit in opposition & learn d governance & acted as a strong opposition…after 5 years he would have been a very good choice all over India…better luck next time…


    Except d toiling masses almost all d politicians+officials+industrialists in India r vry vry CORRUPT. Kejriwal n his team is in d right direction to fight out dis evil. D very people charged wth corruption quoting Constitution was looked as the devil quoting scriptures! Kejriwal is going to return wth absolute majority, no one need to hav any doubt abt dat!

  3. J.M.Manchanda says:

    To his naive supporters, he is a messiah who shall be resurrected. To the well-informed observers, an idealist, anarchist, a clever strategist!

  4. radhika says:

    True. In too much of a hurry and hurling epithets at all and sundry is showing him in bad light.

  5. Ridhika says:

    I guess now its time for Cong and BJP to sit outside the parliament for at least next 10 years and learn how to use politics to serve nation from Arvind Kejriwal and AAP .

  6. Arif Jameel says:

    Kejriwal did a real good thing. This is historical moment in Indian Politics. It unfortunate that he had to take this extreme step, due to the rotten ways of the BJPCong MLAs, who did not even let him speak. For goodness sake he is the CM and if you dont let him speak and disrupt his session, any sensible, and respectful person should do as he did, exactly.
    Shame on BJP MLAs for the sorry state of shouting that the Delhi Session witnessed yesterday. Now they want to have a dharna (learnt from AAP) against AAP party. Not against Ambani, or their cronies. They cannot do dharna against the scams. They are so ridiculously and shamelessly trying to woo the public, But yeh Public Hai, Yeh Sab Jaanti Hai.. Next election time BJPCONG will be in a minority opposition. Even then will they learn? It says you cannot straighten the tail of a…… even if you keep it in a straight pipe for a few years.

  7. upendrah p says:

    No he will come back again in the due election with complete majority and No doubt he will learn as a ruler and no need to be in opposition for that … Period!!!

  8. After resignation,Kejriwal become stronger than any of the present leaders of Delhi.He will be bounced back in next assembly election with absolute majority.Through this short stint as CM,he learned lot more of the system to rule, political behaviour and many more.He kept his most of the promises for common man of Delhi than any of the CM’s in India.
    He will also capable to damage the BJP’s plan to rule India through Mr.Modi as next PM.

  9. V.K. SHARMA says:

    May good sense prevail upon Indian voters so that we may be freed from the clutches of rotten politics of Cong-BJP nexus.

  10. aleem says:

    Indian public should understand the condition of the country, people should support him at least to have a strong opposition party to make government to work properly

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