Shinde and Su Swamy challenge AAP financial transparency and…

Congress has funds worth 2365 crores of which 82. 5% and BJP has funds 1304 crores of which 75% are hidden donations.  That is congress and BJP has 1951 and 952 crores of rupees which no one knows how they obtained. It could easily be a predatory corporation or honcho who is against India’s interests, an angel gifting pot full of golds every year or bunch of aliens from Mars with a devious plan. With such dark secrets in the belly, they had the gall to insinuate and demand investigation against a small public-funded political party: Aam Aadmi Party, which pioneered full transparency in Indian politics and list all donations, be it Re. 1 or 10 lakhs, in their website immediately. AAP has welcomed the investigation and has asked congress and BJP be included in this. Little did these two parties realize that it is going to come back to bite their back!

So, here is how AAPians responded to their challenge next day!

Click on the image to check out their reactions!

Slap to Shinde and Swamy by AAPians!

Slap to Shinde and Swamy by AAPians!


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