Top Ten tweets from Subramanian Swamy that saved India!

Here is an important compilation of Top Ten Tweets in last ten days from Subramanian Swamy that saved India (and the Hindus but it is one & same for Swamy!). From creating a ‘Brahmin Army’ to identifying & exposing ‘anti-nationals’ aka ‘Porkis’ Left, Right & Center, Swamy is our very own 007 except he is REAL! He is surrounded by army of volunteers who he fondly calls PTs (Patriotic Tweeples). Thank heavens and read his exploits:

1. Swamy talks about creating a Brahmin army to finish off TN protesters who support rights of Tamil civilians in SriLanka.

2. According to our learned counsel, all Indian citizens protesting in TN demanding independent investigation in Srilanka against war crimes are against India’s national interest and hence they all are Pakistanis (fondly known to him as Porkis!)

3. What is the truth behind so many fasts by Arvind Kejriwal and other anti-corruption crusaders? Swamy, as always, found the secret behind this – Arvind is using medicated water and pulling a fast one on the people. Yup, Swamy is a medical doctor too when he wants to be one!

4. True to his “corruption crusader” image, Swamy is so-confident of BJP coming back to power again in Karnataka and is rooting for them despite some very serious corruption charges against the ruling BJP govt including the Mining scam which caused Rs 50,000 crore ($3.6 bn)  loss to exchequer! Swamy knows this is all an “imaginary loss” created by opposition. Interestingly, Reddy bros still continue be in BJP! (and as legislators too!!). The Great Indian “corruption-crusader” is backing them, so they must be innocent then?!!

5. Swamy’s one secret formula to NDA to Win 2014 elections: “Rig the elections through manipulating EVM” (only Swami being in opposition can do it!). Swami is convinced that Sonia Gandhi, who he fondly refers as TDK (short for Tadakka, princess-turned-demoness in the Ramayana) and so he has decided to wage the rigging war against UPA (YAY!!!).

6. Swamy calling Dravidian followers as DDs (Dravida Draculas, previsouly known as Dravida Porkis!) isn’t anything compared to his referring Periyar with a caste name as his last name is no random thing (Father Periyar, who was well known for championing quintessential anti-discrimination and self-respect movement in TN which was the backbone of the fight against casteism). Man who fought and died for a vision of eliminating caste discrimination from TN (& India) deserves more respect than that! But Swamy must have very “valid”  reasons!

7. Forget the democratic right to protest & personal Liberty of individuals, Swamy has declared that all fishermen and villagers of Kudankulam area who are protesting against the Nuke plant by standing in sea be let to drown without any rescue by the Government (shocked to know that last time fishermen were actually “rescued” by the government from neck deep water – thanks Swamy for opening our eyes!)

8. This must be one of the startling revelations of recent times which Media blacked-out. DMK MPs Vasanthi Stanley and Tiruchi Siva are, hold your breath, anti-national Porkis and garbage! Did ISI plant them in the Indian parliament? How did we miss this!

9. No one is sparred from Swamy’s wrath including tens of thousands (if not Lakhs) of young school-going and college students. They all are anti-nationals and Porkis! (BOOM!) Not sure if he is going to demand deportation of these young kids to their new forcefully ’given-for-adaption’ land of Pakistan.

10. Again, the Loyalo college students protesting death of civilians in SriLanka are encouraged by Cristian missionaries (some call them Professors)? RAW/IB: please take note ASAP!

[Epilogue: Many of well-meaning individuals & some even progressive people somehow see Subramanian Swamy as intellectual and a corruption crusader with a vision for the nation. They either don’t see or ignore the other (or should I say real) side of this man. He has self postured himself as an extreme right-wing Hindu crusader more than anything else. His so-called corruption crusade is just his hate against UPA (which is totally corrupt and deserves every bit of ridicule) and so-called Italian mafia that is ruling India. As far as BJP’s corruption, he doesn’t see anything wrong or just doesn’t have time in between his busy schedule of spreading hate & caste politics. He is now undeclared leader of so-called ‘Internet Hindu’ community and is surely performing his role to the fullest to justify his new found “responsibility”. After all, Great power comes with Great responsibility! He is putting some of the very experienced right-wing trolls to shame. Read more such “note-worthy” tweets from his twitter page]

Now, let the readers make their own conclusion on the question: “Is Subramanian Swamy an Intellectual or a Gutter Politician?”

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8 Responses to Top Ten tweets from Subramanian Swamy that saved India!

  1. Karthik says:

    You forgotten to add his “rearing porn” tweet, for the last 10 days v tweeple from tamil community strongly object his scumbag tweets.. You had well written this article to truly enlighten his Aryan devotees & Brahim Army Warriors who would been martyrs if not informed!

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  3. AP says:

    Whosoever has compiled and making own interpretations, pass on the joint of the exotic weed that you are smoking! I a sure you represent a party of naxals, secessionists & anti-nationals!

  4. well after reading this article i found it misleading u just didn’t get it the nation interest is above everything ur heart bleeding for Ltte orphans who killed Rajiv gandhi an indian prime minister ,swamy tweets are little codes words and at to the defined point. it’s very difficult to understand it for ignorant freak like you .I dislike ur ignorant article.grow up

  5. Siva says:

    Subramanian Swamy is nothing but a scumbag politician trying to get some attention (which he definitely won’t get without any of those garbage tweets). He might have some influence on a few so called ‘high-caste’ low lives but he doesn’t have the support of common masses. From calling a 12-year old boy a terrorist to demeaning the protests, he has done everything to offend an average Tamilian.

    Let’s not take him seriously coz he isn’t worth it. He is just an attention whore trying to establish his presence in the Indian politics. Let’s leave this comedian alone…

  6. Real Indian says:

    This bastard is mad because his intelligent daughter married an intelligent Muslim.He may be on the pay role of several countries.Some one should inspect his house.

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